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2016-2017 Film Demo

Running Time: 1:00 minutes

A few clips from recent work: comedy, drama, web series, indie film.

Hosting/Prompter Reel

Running Time: 1 minute

Clips from Taylor's regular gig as Announcements Host at Mountain West Church. 

"Introverts Unite" Comedy Monologue

Running Time: 1:00 minute

Meet Sarah. Awkwardly.

Comedy Reel

Running Time: 1 minute

Romantic comedy, indie comedy, web series, sketch comedy!

"Introverts Unite!" Comedy Web Series

Running Time: 3:45 minutes

Comedy series, 2017

"Man with Elephant Hands" Clip

Running Time: 1:07 minutes

Quirky indie film about people with phobias.


Singing with Ukulele

Running Time: 45 seconds

Cover of "The Happy Song" by Kate Micucci.

Web Demo

Running Time: 1 minute

Selected clips from work (pre 2015) for the web, including "How to Make Blood Special Effects", "Molecular Evolution" music video, "Sweet Tweets" pilot, and "Printout Pages" by 

Indie Film Clips

Running Time: 1:59 minutes

A few clips from indie romantic musical comedy film "Something Notable".

"Leshyapa" Film Clip

Running Time: 1:20 minutes

Clip from a short horror/thirller film, 2016

Live Mannequin

Running Time: 1 minute

Live mannequin performance in a shop window.

Nerdwax Candid Testimonial

Running Time: 1:10 minutes

A product I liked, so I reviewed it.


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