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Taylor is a voice talent, actor, singer, and model in Louisville, KY.


Taylor is proud to have worked for brands like Google, Publix, Comcast, Toyota, P&G, Navient, Adobe, Volkswagen, Marriot, Huggies, Fischer-Price, Bing, 3M/Scotchgard, Cabbage Patch, Full Sail University, Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona, and Hoover. They have had the pleasure of working with many indie film directors, and serving businesses across the globe in acting, print, and VO.


Taylor is the official voice of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, and the EA Games app Tetris Blitz.


Taylor is known for being professional, prompt, communicative, and occasionally, fun. They believe in the power of grit, hard work, dedication, compassion, and a positive attitude. 



"Taylor is our go-to voice artist and there's a good reason for it. They are always responsive, prompt but above all intuitive. Each project is voiced with a sincerity and skill that is truly engaging. There's a magic that Taylor brings that simply can't be faked. 

–Andy Olsen, Loft Light Media

"Taylor is a consummate professional with tremendous emotional range. Fast, reliable, and always on the mark. We’ve produced over a hundred videos together over the years and they never fail to impress. Highly recommend."

–Johnathon Allen, Creative Director, Smart Fish Productions

"My sessions with Taylor are always professional, quick and fun. They're extremely experienced, which shows in their comprehension of the script, their delivery, and their ability to adjust tone and speed for just the right read."

–Nan Quatchak, Producer, Garrison Hughes

"Taylor is an amazing voice talent with incredible range.  We have counted on them to provide consistently great narration for the last 4 years.  They are always prepared, willing to take direction, and offer their own expert opinion when needed.  They are funny, reliable, versatile, and uniquely talented.  My team looks forward to every session with them and I don’t know how we would stay on schedule without them.  Our clients love their voice which adds value to their brand.  I look forward to working with them for a long, long time!”

–Kevin Theessen, Visual Communications & Technology Strategist, Sedgwick

"We know the tone of our voiceover had to be friendly, youthful, and inviting, while maintaining a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness — basically a reflection of the MST brand. I was really excited when we finally found our voice talent... [They] responded really well to all our notes and I think we ended up with the perfect vocal track to guide our little journey.”

—Mitch McKenzie, Creative Director @ Salted Stone

"Taylor is dedicated and willing to throw themself into the role and intimately get to know their character. They understand the language of cinema and will work on certain scenes or actions until everyone involved is more than satisfied. 

And above all else, they are easy going, charming, sweet, fun and is there for their fellow actors. Only one word can describe such a well-rounded, gifted, and driven individual: excellence."

—Juan Soto, Director/Editor


"Taylor was a pleasure to have on set... [and] strives to make every scene feel as emotional and cinematic as possible. they are not simply a director pleaser that is mindlessly reciting lines, but an artist and a true collaborator in the creative process.  Taylor gives it their all, and I would cast them again in a heartbeat."
-Taylor Ellis, Writer/Director


"Working with Taylor was an absolute pleasure. They were very professional and prompt. Not only did they respond to the request we had, but went over and above and continued to accommodate us until we were completely satisfied.... I would recommend Taylor to anyone for a voice over talent and I hope to work with them again in the future. They have a fabulous voice for business."

-Eugenia Noble, 


“They are the kind of artist that you want to know personally... approachable and kind. They embody not only the interesting artist, but the artist who makes a difference in their world.”

—Dr. Christopher Shelt, Chair of the Vocal Department, Belhaven University


"Taylor was great on set, fun to be around and a go-getter, and they are great with dialects!” 

—Banks Helfrich, Filmmaker


"It's hard enough these days to find a lovely, talented, and easy-to-work-with actress, much less one with a solid moral compass. Taylor has all of these in spades. The kids around the world that make up our 60,000 daily views love 'Ms. Victoria'. So do we!”

—Peter Harvey, owner of


“I have been in the talent industry for 25 years and I found that Taylor Swilley brings professionalism to this industry with the willingness to do what is asked of them. They have an understanding of what is needed for each casting and brings it to each audition and job. Taylor has a high percentage rate of bookings.... is a credit to our industry, and they will only continue to grow.”

—Nancy Clark, founder and owner, Clark Talent Agency


"Taylor is a remarkably creative and talented musician, actor, and production designer. They work well in collaboration with others, is quick to develop engaging and unique ideas, and works tirelessly to achieve excellence in designing and producing performance events. Their talents and abilities are very promising, well worth investment and attention!"

—Andrew Sauerwein, Composer/Associate Professor of Music, Belhaven University


"They are very natural, talented and fun to work with. They were on set for endless hours and never complained."

—Marianne Espinosa, Director, Freelance Camera Operator/Camera Assistant


"Taylor was extremely professional and courteous while on set. They were excited to do what they loved and their energy spread to their co-stars during the long hours of the shoot."

—Bryan Whyte, Broadcast Technician at Norwegian Cruise Line

Taylor is a consummate professional with tremendous emotional range. Fast, reliable, and always on the mark. We’ve produced over a hundred videos together over the years and they never fail to impress. Highly recommend.





Johnathon Allen

Creative Director

Smart Fish Productions

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